Help keep your team organized and growing
    with your brand new Team Manager.

    Help everyone that you meet to reach their
    fullest dōTERRA potential!

    Growing a business on social media can be
    difficult, but now you have access to an archive
    of incredible dōTERRA Content that can post
    right to your social media pages. The Social
    Media Manager will change the way that you dōTERRA.

  • Experience real dōTERRA training

    The Grow dō Business Partner is a business aid that is completely
    focused on helping you find success. With a team of professionals
    professionals working full time to improve it, we are confident
    that the Business Partner will always be home to the most up to
    date trainings, user friendly tools, and much more.


Have you ever wondered what’s next for your business? Have you wished that you had professional materials to back your venture without the high costs? Have you hoped that a successful dōTERRA leader could teach you their strategies to find success?

The Grow dō Business Partner was created with the vision of becoming “the help that you have been waiting for!” Unlike many business models, our focus is YOU! We want to create things that you will like, and will help make your life easier. Of course we need to feed our families, but this truly is not about creating massive margins. Instead, it is about creating massively successful people.

The Business Partner is a living document. What does that mean? It means that it is not finished, and it will never be finished. This resource has a team of professionals working full time to figure out what the next big thing is, and how we can bring it to you at no extra cost. We truly have a group of incredible people whose passion is making amazing things.



View your goals and visions each time you log into the business partner and be reminded of what you are doing this for. On this page you will be able to see all the new updates to the Business Partner, and navigate to any necessary pages.

Team Manager

Get an inside look at the training and development of those on your downline. See as their success improves, and sponsor them through their journey.

Step by Step Training

Enjoy exclusive trainings broken down into simple steps. These trainings are focused on helping your in the primary skills of a dōTERRA business (Finding, Teaching, Enrolling, and Duplicating).

Learn By Skill

Take a look at our growing library of skills trainings. This library is designed to gather up trainings from experts in a multitude of fields, and share those skills with you. You can enjoy this content, and add your own as well.

Key Indicator Tracker

The KIT was created to track your success and help you to see the growth that has come to your business. These charts will help you to be more effective in how you spend your time, and will help you to see what factors have contributed most to your success.

Contact Manager

The contact manager is a doTERRA focused Client Relations Manager (or CRM). Focused on helping you to be more effective and advancing your contacts to enrollment and beyond, the Contact Manager is going to be a huge help to your business. As you update your contacts, you will be able to work better with your leads and your team.


VOrganize events and set reminders in your business dedicated calendar. Forgetting where you need to be and what you should be doing is a problem of the past as you apply your new reminder tool.


Take advantage of a growing library of business tools, forms, and tons of other professional printables for your business. With no extra charge, you have access to the exclusive printable resources only found on the business partner.

Mastermind Forums

Connect with wellness advocates all over the world to discuss business ideas, what is working, and product usage. Gain knowledge from people that you would never have otherwise connected with.

Our Clients

We Value The Quality First


Is there any type of guarantee?

Yes! We have a 100% money back guarantee for those that use our tools and feel like it did not help their business. We are in the business of helping you, so if you do not feel like we did that, then you can absolutely have your money back.

What is the main purpose of this tool?

The Grow dō Business Partner is focused on helping you have all the trainings, tools, directions, and resources needed to effectively grow your business. We have a team of professionals that work full time to keep this tool updated and relevant to you. We truly are trying to be the help that you have been waiting for.

How tech savvy do I have to be to use this?

We have taken great measures to keep this resource user friendly for people of all technical levels. That ease of use will only increase over time, but we feel comfortable in saying that anyone is very capable of using this tool with ease.

Is this a mobile application?

Yes! You can access the business partner from your phone, and any mobile device. We have an App that is on its way to make the process even easier for you.

HWhat am I paying for? Why aren’t the tools free?

The reason that we charge anything at all is to fund future development and to cover overhead. We promise to put those funds to good use in creating amazing things.

Can I purchase accounts for my downline?

You can. The team manager helps you with all the steps you need to easily sign up a downline member, and gives you various monthly purchase options.

Is there training on how to use each tool?

There are simple trainings that teach you how to use each of the tools that we have available, and more intuitive trainings are being added daily.

Can I share this content with my team?

There is a lot of shareable content, and the amount will grow, but much of the training is proprietary and as such is not shareable. We have done everything that we can to keep the price low and so anyone can afford it. With all that we provide, we have tried to make the small price a no brainer.

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